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Qty Description and Price
Direct Oracle Access license for Delphi, Kylix and C++Builder
Standard Version: US$129
Object Version: US$179
The Object Version allows you to use Oracle8's Object extension through the TOracleObject and TOracleReference classes.
Source Code: US$299
The Sourcecode option is not related to the number of Direct Oracle Access licenses (you will need at least 1 license though). Direct Oracle Access is programmed in Delphi, but the sourcecode can be compiled in C++Builder as well.
Oracle Monitor Pro: US$50 per license
The Oracle Monitor allows you to monitor the database activities that your Direct Oracle Access applications generate. The Lite version is available for free, and the Pro version can be purchased as an option for a Direct Oracle Access license. The Pro version includes additional features like database and network statistics, and query plan analysis.
Annual Service Contract: US$50 per license
The annual service contract entitles you to receive technical support and free upgrades for the period of 1 year.
Without this contract, you will receive only patch releases of the Direct Oracle Access version you purchased.
Purchase Order (admin fee: US$20)
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