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March 31, 2017 - Version 4.1.3 for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo and C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo has been released.
May 24, 2016 - Version 4.1.3 for Delphi 10.1 Berlin and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for Delphi 10.1 Berlin and C++Builder 10.1 Berlin has been released.
September 25, 2015 - Version 4.1.3 for Delphi 10 Seattle and C++Builder 10 Seattle released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for Delphi 10 Seattle and C++Builder 10 Seattle has been released.
May 11, 2015 - Version 4.1.3 for Delphi XE8 and C++Builder XE8 released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for Delphi XE8 and C++Builder XE8 has been released.
September 29, 2014 - Version 4.1.3 for Delphi XE7 and C++Builder XE7 released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for Delphi XE7 and C++Builder XE7 has been released.
May 16, 2014 - Version 4.1.3 for C++Builder XE6 released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for C++Builder XE6 has been released.
May 1, 2014 - Version 4.1.3 for Delphi XE6 released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for Delphi XE6 has been released.
Oct 3, 2013 - Version 4.1.3 for Delphi XE5 released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for Delphi XE5 has been released.
June 7, 2013 - Version for Delphi and C++Builder XE3/XE4 released
This release fixes an XE3/XE4-specific issue where WideString fields with non-Unicode data could be truncated by 1 character.
May 24, 2013 - Version 4.1.3 for Delphi XE4 and C++Builder XE4 released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for Delphi XE4 and C++Builder XE4 has been released.
October 19, 2012 - Version for Delphi XE3 released
This release fixes an XE3-specific issue with TOracleDataSet.Post, which did not always insert a new record.
October 2, 2012 - Version for Delphi XE3 released
This release fixes an XE3-specific issue with TOracleDataSet.GetBookmark, which did not return a correct value.
September 27, 2012 - Version 4.1.3 for Delphi XE3 released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for Delphi XE3 has been released.
January 17, 2012 - Version for Delphi XE2 and C++Builder XE2 released
Direct Oracle Access for Delphi XE2 and C++Builder XE2 has been released, with the following fixes:
  • Query By Example mode did not always work correctly when the "Allow operators" option was enabled
  • The component palette could be disabled for projects for Win64 target platform
October 25, 2011 - Version 4.1.3 for C++Builder XE2 released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for C++Builder XE2 has been released.
September 29, 2011 - Version 4.1.3 for Delphi XE2 released
Direct Oracle Access 4.1.3 for Delphi XE2 has been released. The registered version supports both the 32 Bit and 64 Bit Windows Target Platforms. The trial version currently only supports the 32 Bit Windows Target Platform. A C++Builder XE2 version will be released shortly.
September 3, 2010 - Version for Delphi/C++Builder XE released
Direct Oracle Access for Delphi/C++Builder XE has been released.
April 2, 2010 - Version for Delphi/C++Builder 2009 & 2010 released
Direct Oracle Access for Delphi/C++Builder 2009 & 2010 has been released, with the following fixes:
  • Fixed a TOracleDataSet rowid memory bug for Index-Organized Tables
December 3, 2009 - Version for Delphi/C++Builder 2010 released
Direct Oracle Access for Delphi/C++Builder 2010 has been released, with the following fixes:
  • Refreshing a dataset with LOB fields could cause an Access Violation
October 8, 2009 - C++Builder 2010 version released
 The Direct Oracle Access 4.1.2 version for C++Builder 2010 has been released.
October 2, 2009 - Delphi 2010 version released
 The Direct Oracle Access 4.1.2 version for Delphi 2010 has been released. A C++Builder 2010 version will follow shortly.
June 19, 2009 - Version for Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009 released
 Delphi 2009 and C++Builder 2009 specific fixes
  • Replaced WinTypes and WinProcs units by Windows unit
  • Query Builder did not work
  • Editing a record with a BLOB could lead to "Record changed by another user"
  • Passing string values to a date variable could cause an error
  • Logon History would not be correctly stored in the registry
  • Calculated WideString fields could be corrupted
  • OracleSession.Preferences.ConvertUTF is now fixed to cuUTF8ToUTF16
  • TOracleSession.BytesPerCharacter is now bcAutoDetect by default
  • When connected to database with a Unicode database character set, variables are declared as Unicode by default
October 21, 2008 - Delphi 2009 version released
 The final version for Delphi 2009 has been released.
October 10, 2008 - C++Builder 2009 Beta version released
 A C++Builder 2009 Beta version is released.
October 2, 2008 - Delphi 2009 Beta version released
 A Delphi 2009 Beta version is released.
February 22, 2008 - Version released
 Enhancements and bugfixes
  • Support for the ODAC Instant Client added
  • Support for merge, with, purge and flashback commands added to TOracleScript
  • TOracleScript performance improvement for large commands
  • Setting the same UTF16 variable twice could lead to extra characters
July 7, 2007 - Version released
This new version adds Unicode compatibility. It supports UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoded character data for queries, datasets, objects, and CLOB's. UTF-8 data can be accessed as AnsiString data as usual through the various properties and methods. For UTF-16 data various new WideString properties and methods have been added. See the 4.1 Documentation Addendum for details.
June 1, 2007 - Delphi 2007 version released
 A Delphi 2007 version is released.
January 21, 2006 - Delphi 2006 version released
 A Delphi 2006 version is released with the following restrictions
  • Win32 only, no support yet for .NET and C#.
  • There is no integrated help. The help file is provided in the old format.
October 17, 2005 - Improvements in version
  • TOracleObject.Free could cause invalid handle exception
October 3, 2005 - Improvements in version 4.0.7
 Enhancements and bugfixes
  • Support for Oracle10g binary_float and binary_double added
  • Global LogActivity hook added to allow logging and timing of all database activities (see LogActivity.doc)
  • Calling an Instant Client application from an Instant Client application would fail
  • Property editors, Oracle menu, and Query Buider now work in Delphi 2005 (requires new Query Builder 1.2)
  • Null CLOB's would always be inserted as empty_clob() for Delphi 5 and later
  • TOracleScript now supports create or replace Java
  • Fixed QBE issue with complex conditions
  • Fixed TOracleQuery.Describe performance issue on 8.x clients
  • TOracleQueue instances could not be reused after reconnecting a session
November 29, 2004 - Delphi 2005 version released
 A Delphi 2005 version is released with the following restrictions
  • Win32 only, no support yet for .NET and C#
  • There is no integrated help. The help file is provided in the old format
  • There is no Oracle menu in the IDE
  • The Package Wizard is not available
September 1, 2004 - Improvements in version
  • TOracleClientDataSet.FetchParams could cause "Parameter <name> not found" exception for Delphi / C++Builder 5 and later
August 23, 2004 - Improvements in version
  • Connecting through SQL*Net 2 could fail
August 18, 2004 - Improvements in version 4.0.6
  • Support for Oracle10g Instant Client added
  • Support for Oracle10g EZCONNECT added
  • TOracleSessionPool.AfterConnect event added
  • Property TOracleDataSet.OracleDictionary.CharacterSize added
  • TOracleSession.InTransaction optimized (Oracle.OptimizeInTransaction can be set to False to fall back to previous unoptimized mode)


  • TOracleDataSet.Locate could not search for fields with only spaces if TOracleSession.Preferences.TrimStringFields = False
  • TOracleDataSet Detail variables are now declared as CHAR when master field is a CHAR to prevent trailing space issues
  • Dataset and Navigator components were disable in Property Defaults Editor
  • Provider Support function PSGetParams could raise "Parameter <name> not found" exception in IDE
  • UseSingleEnvironment optimization removed due to stability issues
  • Could not connect with usernames with special characters such as '-' and '.'
  • Fetching temporary LOB's in a query or dataset would result in resource leaks
  • Hints are preserved for TOracleDataSet.CountQueryHits
  • Accessing a timestamp field or variable as TDateTime could cause a conversion error for milliseconds > 999.5
April 1, 2004 - Improvements in version 4.0.5
  • Oracle Home detection did not work correctly for Oracle10g client
  • Setting TOracleSession.OptimizerGoal to anything but ogUnchanged would cause ORA-01986 on Oracle10g
  • QBE would not handle IN(...) properly for string fields
  • QBE mode did not set size for TDBEdit's
  • Improved PL/SQL Developer (version 5.1.6) interface
February 16, 2004 - Improvements in version 4.0.4
  • StripDefaultDomain global variable added. When enabled, the default domain from sqlnet.ora (names.default_domain) will be stripped from aliases
  • TOracleQueue.MessageProperties.RecipientList added
  • Support added for temporary LOB's for transient object instances
  • QBE now supports Soundex function and 'sounds like' operator (e.g. sounds like smith)
  • Added FailedLogonCount to OracleLogon unit to keep count of failed logon attempts
  • Oracle Monitor 2.1 released, with new logging and tray icon functionality
  • After entering/leaving QBE mode in a master dataset, the primary key fields could be read-only
  • OracleCI.OCIVersion now returns correct value for OCI 9.0 and 9.2
  • TOracleSession would incorrectly fall back to OCI7 mode on Oracle10g
  • Updating/Inserting object fields could cause ORA-00900 error
  • TOracleQueue.Dequeue would cause ORA-01036 if DequeueOptions.ConsumerName is specified
  • Connection failures for a pooled session would cause an access violation
  • Fixed a QBE bug that would not allow operators and would not display string fields when a Dataset has QBEMode set at design time
  • Number columns without scale and precision would be reported with a scale of -127 on and later
December 1, 2003 - Improvements in version 4.0.3
  • Editing a dataset with a BLOB could cause erroneous "Record changed by another user" message
  • Fixed possible access violation when closing a TOracleQuery
November 2003 - Improvements in version 4.0.2
  • QBE improvement: support null value and other values (e.g. smith or null)
  • Substitution variables were not multi-byte compliant for all character sets
  • Memo fields in a 3 tier application with TDataSetProvider.ResolveToDataSet = True could cause erroneous "Record changed by another user" message
  • Refreshing a BLOB or LONG RAW would cause a "stream read error"
  • Password expiration did not handle ORA-28011 (The account will expire soon; change your password now)
  • Direct Path Loader could cause ORA-03113 on Oracle Net 8.1
  • SetPassword Dialog would not clear password edit controls
  • Primary key fields could be omitted from insert through TDataSetProvider for detail datasets
October 2003 - Improvements in version 4.0.1
  • QBE Fixes:
    • Could not query on number fields without an operator (ORA-00936)
    • "is not null" expression is now supported
    • Ignore Time option could cause ORA-01858
    • QBE Definition Editor could raise "Field <name> not found" if not all fields are persistent
  • TOracleSessionPool with Max > 0 could cause hang-up
  • Substitution variables were not multi-byte compliant
  • TOracleScript had a problem with subsequent PL/SQL blocks
October 2003 - Improvements in version 4.0.0
 New components and objects
  • TOracleQueue component added for dbms_aq support
  • TOracleSessionPool component added for session pooling
  • TOracleTimestamp object added for timestamp support
  • TXMLType object added for XMLTYPE support

 TOracleDataSet enhancements

  • Supports Object fields
  • Supports Collections (nested table and varray) as detail datasets
  • Supports Timestamp fields as TDateTimeField
  • Supports XMLType fields as TMemoField
  • QBE now supports operators: >, <, !="," not, like, between, in
  • UniDirectional property added
  • Support for Index Organized Tables (IOT) added
  • CompressBLOBs property added for BLOB compression
  • CompressionFactor runtime property added
  • OnCompressBLOB and OnDecompressBLOB events added for custom compression
  • Detachable property added to retain result set when session disconnects
  • RefreshRecord now also refreshes CLOB, BLOB, BFILE, Long and Long Raw fields
  • DeclareAndSet procedure added to declare and set a variable in one call
  • If Optimize = False or Session.StatementCache = True, cursors are implicitly closed whenever possible

 TOracleQuery enhancements

  • Supports Timestamp fields and variables as TOracleTimeStamp
  • Supports XMLType fields and variables as TXMLType
  • Scrollable query support added (requires Oracle9 + oracle bug fixes)
  • FieldAsString now supports CLOB, BLOB, BFILE, Long and Long Raw and Reference data types
  • DeclareAndSet procedure added to declare and set a variable in one call
  • If Optimize = False or Session.StatementCache = True, cursors are implicitly closed whenever possible

 Provider Support improvements

  • TOracleDataSet.ProviderOptions added
  • Records applied through a TDataSetPrivider with ResolveToDataSet = False now also use the MessageTable

 TOracleSession enhancements

  • StatementCache and StatementCacheSize added for 9.2 statement caching
  • Pool property added to assign the session to a specific pool
  • Preferences.NullObjectIsEmpty added
  • Preferences.TemporaryLOB added
  • Preferences.TimestampAsString added

 TOracleSessionPool enhancements

  • Is now a component
  • Min, Max and TimeOut properties added for tuning purposes
  • CompressOld procedure added to remove idle sessions
  • Homogeneous and Logon properties added
  • StatementCache added
  • PoolType property added for generic OCI 9.2 Pooling support
  • Sessions[] property added
  • Now checks connection when reserving an existing session from the pool

 Temporary LOB support added

  • TLOBLocator.CreateTemporary constructor added
  • TLOBLocator.Temporary property added

 TOracleObject enhancements

  • TimestampAttr added for Timestamp support
  • XMLAttr added for XMLTYPE support

 TOracleLogon enhancemens

  • Picture property added
  • Selecting an item with username/password from the history will immediately logon

 TOracleScript enhacements

  • Editor can now handle more than 64K text
  • ScanVariables property added to enable/disable variable substitution
  • ColWidth property added to control the maximum length of displayed columns

 Error handling enhancements

  • EOracleError.Instance property added
  • EOracleError.Session property added
  • Global OnOracleError event handler added

 Designtime enhancements

  • Designtime Property Defaults tool added
  • SQL property Editor "Print with Variables" button added
  • Variables property Editor "Copy SetVariable call(s)" button added

 Oracle Monitor enhancements

  • Support for all Query Plan columns with corresponding preference
  • Step through Query Plan in order of execution
  • DisableMonitor and EnableMonitor function added to disable/enable the Oracle Monitor from within an application

 New compiler directives (requires source option)

  • NONVISUAL: removes all references to visual units for character based Linux servers
  • NODATASET: removes the dataset from the package to support Delphi/C++Builder Personal Edition
March 2002 - Improvements in version
  • TOracleSession.CancelUpdates was broken in 3.4.6
  • TOracleDataSet.Open would lead to unnecessary dictionary queries in Delphi 6 if it did not have persistent fields
  • TOracleDataSet.DimPLSQLTable added
March 2002 - Improvements in version 3.4.6
  • Kylix 2 compatibility
  • C++Builder 6 compatibility
  • Added additional support for ConnectAs in logon history


  • Message translation did not work if parentheses were present in the original message text
  • Thread handle was not correctly closed for Threaded TOracleQuery
  • Query with XMLType column would crash (unsupported by OCI)
  • Apply updates not committed after requerying a record changed by another user
  • TOracleDataSet.ExecuteQBE would Rollback if LockingMode = lmLockImmediate
  • Rowid's of Index Organized Tables are now fetched correctly
  • OracleLogon ConnectAs is now hidden when ForceOCI7 = True
  • Fixed OCI-22060 error when accessing attributes from embedded objects obtained by ObjAttr()
  • Fixed problem refreshing objects that contain collections
  • Byte parameters did not work in TOraclePackage in Delphi 6
  • OracleDataSet.SearchRecord did not post record
  • TClientDataSet.CommandText did not support CLOB and BLOB parameters
  • Improved diagnostics on Linux when loading Net8 fails
  • Writing null CLOB's and BLOB's through a TDataSetProvider could lead to "Pass LongInt(Object) to complex variable" exception
July 2001 - Improvements in version 3.4.5
  • Delphi 6 compatibility
  • Query Builder 1.0.1 released with drag & drop support for synonyms


  • Explore item was missing from TOracleDataSet popup menu
  • Setting TOracleDataSet.Master at design time could cause Access Violation
  • Design time confirmation dialogs could display incorrect button titles
  • Decreasing the array size to 1 for subsequent Array DML statements could cause errors on Net8
June 2001 - Improvements in version 3.4.4
  • Kylix compatibility
  • Design-time Query Builder added
  • Holding down Ctrl key during logon dialog prevents logon history


  • DirectPathLoader.Destroy could cause an AV when called after session was logged of
  • TOracleScript fixes:
    • A command would still be executed when handled in OnCommand event
    • A */ (end comment) would sometimes be interpreted as / (end command)
    • An AV could occur if in an empty script an empty command was added
    • If multiple variables were declared with the same name, only the first would get used
  • Provider Support fixes (Delphi 5 & C++Builder 5):
    • TClientDataSet would always be reset to ptInput
    • Descending items in order by clause did not work
    • Upper(column) items in order by clause did not work
    • Views owned by the current user could not be used
    • TOracleDataSet.CommitProviderTransactions run-time property added
  • Package Wizard did not like non-existing directories
  • Nested Table and Varray parameters would not be handled correctly by Package Wizard
  • TLOBLocator.Assign would lead to AV's when source is NULL
  • Assigning NULL LOB to TOracleObject.LOBElements[Index] would lead to AV's
  • Check constraints with partially matching column names would sometimes not be evaluated correctly (ORA-01036) for a TOracleDataSet with CachedUpdates
  • Oracle Date/Time values that cannot be represented in Delphi's TDateTime converted to -693594 (invalid date, displayed as 00-00-0000)
  • TOracleObject.CallMethod did not work on Net8 8.1.7 due to Net8 bug
  • Tab key could not be used in SQL Property Editor
  • SQL Property Editor displayed floating point numbers without precision as integer
  • Posting an unchanged record with LockingMode = lmLockImmediate would leave the record locked
  • TOracleSession.Share now copies the LogonUsername, LogonPassword and LogonDatabase properties from the source session
  • TOracleDataSet.ExecuteQBE would cause an access violation for an inactive dataset
  • TOracleSession.CheckConnection now also reconnects if Connected = False
October 2000 - Improvements in version 3.4.3
  • TOracleObject.LOBElements added
  • TOracleObject.AddElement added
  • TOracleQuery.DescribeFull added


  • Foreign key checks with more than 1 column could sometimes fail
  • OracleCI.OracleHomeName always returned last oracle home name
  • TOracleDataSet provider support: PSExecuteStatement did not support result set
  • TOracleDataSet provider support: default order did not work for prefixed columns in order by clause
  • Package Wizard would always declare PL/SQL Tables of type otString
  • TPLSQLTable with table size 0 would lead to exception
  • TDirectPathLoader columns editor included unsupported packed decimal datatype
  • TDirectPathLoader.GetDefaultColumns now places LONG, LONG RAW, CLOB and BLOB at the end
  • Calling TOracleDataSet.Free for an active dataset could lead to errors
  • TOracleObject.Assign would not copy elements for collection objects
  • TOracleLogon.HistoryRegSection would not work if first character was a \
  • Fixed memory leak for TOracleDataSet connected to a TDataSetProvider
  • RefreshAllFields and QBE did not work if SQL contained comment in quotes (e.g. '--')
  • In Delphi 5 / C++Builder 5, when simultaneously inserting a master & detail record, the detail record would be posted before the master record
  • TOracleObject did not support mixed case attribute and method names
  • TOracleScript could not handle non-SQL commands terminated with a semicolon
  • TOracleDataSet would not restore TField.ReadOnly & TField.Required properties after QBE mode, if these property values were set at run-time
  • Compound foreign key constraints were incorrectly checked if one or more columns were null when TOracleDataSet.Dictionary.EnforceConstraints = True
  • Package Wizard did not deal with (* or *) in Package Specification
  • Package Wizard would generate incorrect type names for %RowType parameters
September 2000 - Improvements in version 3.4.2
  • Net8 8.0.3 and 8.0.4 would be forced to OCI7 mode
  • Added ExtProcDetected boolean to OracleCI, indicating External Procedure Support
  • Appropriate exception raised when TOracleSessin.ExtProcShare is called on Net8 8.0.3 or 8.0.5 (not supported)
  • On SQL*Net a Logon error would result in a hang-up after a second attempt
  • TOracleScript would not correctly handle PL/SQL Blocks that start with DECLARE
  • TOracleScript would not recognize ANALYZE statements
  • TOracleScript.CommandByName now returns a TOracleCommand (instead of an index)
  • Primary Oracle Home detection could fail for homes with partially matching directories
  • For CachedUpdates, inserting Master + Details required Detail refresh (missing records)
  • Creating collection objects with TOracleObject.Create would lead to OCI-21560
  • When using OracleMonitor in DLL and Main application, it would hang on exit
  • Calling OracleDataSet.ExecSQL would not be displayed correctly in Oracle Monitor
August 2000 - Improvements in version 3.4.1
  • Shared sessions would lead to Access Violation during logoff on SQL*Net 2
  • Package Wizard ignored 'Always use Variants' option
  • Package Wizard failed on multi-byte character set database (ORA-01026)
  • OracleMonitor unit would hang on termination when used in DLL or OCX
  • Removed SyncObjs unit conflict with INETxx package
  • Delphi 3, 4 and C++Builder 3 required Professional edition
August 2000 - Improvements in version 3.4.0
 Main new features 
  • Oracle Monitor utility added
  • Package Wizard added
  • TOracleScript component added
  • TOracleDirectPathLoader component added
  • Support for Oracle Services for MTS added
  • Support for External Procedures added (TOracleSession.ExtProcShare, OCIDate..., OCINumber...)
  • Design time preferences added (OCI DLL, Oracle Home, Logon, EOracleWarning)
  • Oracle menu added in IDE (wizard, apps, preferences, docs & info)
  • Package names changed to doa34[D|C][3|4|5] (e.g. doa34d5 for Delphi 5)
  • New installer gives more control over destination directories and palette

 TOracleSession enhancements

  • Preferences.NullLOBIsEmpty property added
  • ConnectAs property added

 TOracleLogon enhancements

  • Caption property added
  • HistoryIniFile property added
  • Option ldConnectAs added, and ltConnectAs string constant
  • DoBeforeLogon and DoAfterLogon protected procedures added (for derived classes that need to notify logon changes)

 TOracleQuery enhancements

  • Added overloaded Set & GetVariable functions with Index

 TOracleDataSet enhancements

  • OracleDictionary.RequiredFields property added
  • GetUpdatingTable function is now virtual
  • DetailFields no longer required for master/detail relation
  • Field datatype ftOraClob and ftOraBlob supported for Delphi/C++Builder 5
  • Added overloaded Set & GetVariable functions with Index

 TOracleDataSet QBE enhancements

  • QBEModified property added
  • ClearQBE method added
  • AutoContains option added
  • QBEMode Font & Background colors added
  • Runtime QBEDefinition access enabled and documented

 TOracleEvent enhancements

  • InternalSession property added
  • KeepConnection property added
  • LogOff procedare added

 TLOBLocator enhancements

  • AsString property added

 Delphi/C++Builder 5 Provider Support improvements

  • Params from TClientDataSet are now copied to TOracleDataSet
  • Fixed 'UpdatingTable required' error message for cursor datasets

 OracleCI unit enhancements

  • Function TNSNames returns tnsnames.ora filename
  • Function OracleAliasList returns database aliases
  • Function OracleHomeList returns list of oracle homes

 Component Editor improvements

  • Logon dialog(s) now use logon history
  • Settings stored in registry under Software\Allround Automations\DOA
  • Shortcut keys for OK & Exit buttons added in SQL Editor
  • Variables Editor can now remove variables when Scan SQL button is pressed
June 1999 - Improvements in version 3.3.0
  • Support for Net8 8.1.x (Oracle8i)
  • Support for Multiple Oracle Homes
  • Improved SQL*Net/Net8 problem diagnostics


  • Design-time only connection
  • MessageTable for error message translation
  • Preferences (FloatPrecision, IntegerPrecision, SmallIntPrecision, ConvertCRLF, UseOCI7, TrimStringFields)
  • Check and re-establish database connection
  • RollbackOnDisconnect property


  • Substitution variables
  • PLSQLString (32K) and Char variables
  • StringFieldsOnly: define all fields as strings
  • Overloading for Field functions in Delphi 4 and C++Builder 4
  • Cancel procedure
  • Threaded mode: run any query in a background thread
  • RowCount function


  • LoadFromFile
  • SaveToFile


  • Local filtering
  • RefreshOptions (BeforeEdit, AfterInsert, AfterUpdate, AllFields)
  • OracleDictionary: specify usage of dictionary information (Constraints, UseMessageTable, FieldKinds, DefaultValues, DisplayFormats, RangeValues)
  • New functions to support the OnApplyRecord event
  • Support for views with "instead of" triggers
  • CountQueryHits: count records before fetching them
  • Design-time only activation
  • CloseAll: close all cursors associated with the dataset
  • String constants for translation of standard messages
  • New variable types and StringFieldsOnly property from TOracleQuery
  • New AfterFetchRecord event to limit query results, display progress information, and so on
  • New SearchRecord function to search records in an active dataset

 Property Editors

  • SQL Editor and Database Explorer fonts can be customized and can be printed
  • Executing a SQL statement in the SQL Editor is now performed in a background thread, allowing you to break execution
August 1998 - Improvements in version 3.20
  • Query By Example (QBE) mode added in TOracleDataSet
  • TOracleNavigator component added to support QBE mode
  • Added support for standard Oracle packages in TOracleSession
  • TOracleEvent.Synchronized added
  • Added the ability to use the RowId as a field in TOracleDataSet.Locate
  • Some bugfixes
June 1998 - Improvements in version 3.10
  • New TOracleProvider component to support multi-tiered applications
  • New TOracleEvent component to handle dbms_alert signals and dbms_pipe messages
  • PL/SQL Table support added
  • TOracleDataSet.CachedUpdates added
  • TOracleDataSet.OnApplyRecord event added to overrule default DML
  • TOracleDataSet.SequenceField added to support Oracle Sequences
  • Optimized TOracleDataSet.EnforceConstraints with a caching mechanism
  • TOracleDataSet.GetUpdatingTable added
  • VariableCount, VariableName, VariableType added to iterate variables
  • TOracleLogon translation possibility added
  • TOracleLogon.Options extended with ldDatabaseList (enables list with aliases)
  • TOracleSession.ServerVersion added
  • TOracleSession.Cursor added
  • TOracleSession.InTransaction added
  • Removed requirement that ORACLE_HOME\bin must be in PATH
February 1998 - Improvements in version 3.00
  • Native support for Oracle8, allowing you to use:
    - BLOB, CLOB and BFile data types
    - Oracle Objects
    - Password expiration
  • Personal Oracle Lite support
  • Component editors added (Explorer, SQL Editor)
  • Set password dialog added (TOracleLogon.SetPassword)
  • Multiple Longs/LOB's per dataset
  • TOracleQuery.FieldAs... added to be able to avoid variant fields
  • TOracleSession.OnChange event added
  • TOracleSession.BeforeLogOn and AfterLogOn event added
  • TOraclePackage.PackageName can be empty to access functions/procedures
  • TOracleDataSet.RefreshRecord added
  • TOracleDataSet.Locate improved
  • Some bugfixes
December 1997 - Improvements in version 2.30
  • Array variables introduced to support Array DML
  • Cursor variable introduced for TOracleQuery and TOracleDataSet
  • TOracleSession.BreakExecution added
  • TOracleDataSet.CommitOnPost added
  • TOracleQuery.FieldScale & FieldPrecision added
  • ErrorLine and ErrorPosition added to TOracleQuery & TOracleDataSet
  • SQL*Net 1 support added
  • Improved diagnostics for SQL*Net initialization
  • Some (minor) bugfixes
October 1997 - Improvements in version 2.20
  • TOraclePackage component added
  • TOracleSession.ThreadSafe property added
  • Compatibility with Oracle8
  • TOracleDataSet.RefreshMode property added
  • Easier and faster support for Long and Long Raws
  • BeforeQuery & AfterQuery events for TOracleDataSet & TOracleQuery
  • TOracleSession.ExternalLDA added
  • Some bugfixes

  • User quotes added to the website
September 1997 - Improvements in version 2.10
  • Online help added
  • TOracleDataSet.QueryAllRecords added
  • Automatic Master/Detail configuration added
  • TOracleDataSet.EnforceConstraints added
  • Support for Long and Long Raw datatypes as BLOB
  • TOracleDataSet.RowId added
  • TOracleSession.ErrorMessage added
  • Some bugfixes
August 1997 - Improvements in version 2.01
  • TOracleDataSet.LockingMode added
  • TOracleDataSet optimized
  • TOracleQuery.FieldIsNull added
  • Locking bug in TOracleDataSet fixed (string set to null, post, edit again leads to 'Changed by other user')
August 1997 - Improvements in version 2.00
  • SUPPORT FOR DATA-AWARE COMPONENTS! (Delphi 3 Version only)
  • TOracleQuery.FieldOptional added
  • TOracleQuery.RowId added
  • TOracleQuery.Describe added
  • TOracleSession.Savepoint & RollbackToSavepoint added
  • TOracleSession.SQLTrace, OptimizerGoal & IsolationLevel added
  • TOracleSession.SetTransaction added
  • Value added to Variables property editor
May 1997 - Improvements in version 1.02
  • Both Delphi 2 and 3 are supported now.
  • Evaluation check improved.
  • Username, Password and Database contain correct values after logon.
  • Commandline parameter UserId=user/password@database added.
  • Cursor restored after exception in a Query.
  • TOracleLogon.Execute returns true if something changed.
  • TOracleQuery.FieldIndex added.
  • MLSLabel internal datatype corrected.
  • Maximum length for errormessage increased to 2000
April 1997 - Improvements in version 1.01
  • TOracleQuery.Warningflags added to let you determine warnings after a query.
  • SetVariable string to date conversion improved.
  • Initialization of SQL*Net improved for NT 3.51
  • Speed improvement for queries with large SQL statements.
  • Logon dialog position now at screen center.
  • TOracleQuery.Cursor property added (specifies the mouse cursor during the query).
  • Little bug in TVariables property-editor fixed (deleting variables).