PL/SQL Developer 7.1 - New Features

Below you can find a brief description of the most important new features in PL/SQL Developer 7.1.
Unicode support for the PL/SQL editor, SQL editor, and object definitions

The SQL and PL/SQL editors now support Unicode, so that you can write programs and queries that include Unicode characters. You can also use Unicode characters in object definitions such as tables, views, and so on.


Code folding

The PL/SQL Editor now features code folding, which allows you to hide pieces of PL/SQL code you are not currently interested in, or show just the code you are focused on. It generally gives a better overview of complex PL/SQL programs, and makes it easier to identify the code structure.


Split editing

The PL/SQL Editor allows you to split the editor into 2 parts, so that you can view or edit 2 related code sections in the same program.


SQL Exporter

In addition to the CSV, XML, HTML exporters, you can now also export query results to an SQL file. The resulting file will contain insert statements for the selected records.

New editor preferences
  • Line number interval - display line numbers in PL/SQL and SQL Editors with 1, 5 or 10 interval, or display only the current line number.
  • Show line status - Show the line status in the editor margin: yellow = changed, green = new.
  • Wrap lines - Wrap long lines when they reach the right margin.
  • Allow folding - Allow or disallow PL/SQL code folding.
Other enhancements
  • Text Importer now has an Initializing and Finalizing script.
  • Edit > Show Special Characters menu item added to show tabs, spaces, and end-of-lines.
  • Command Window SPOOL command now support [APPEND|REPLACE] options.
  • Help system switched to HTML Help for Windows Vista compliance.
  • License management changed to one-time registration (Help > Register menu item)
  • SQL Window "Show gutter" preference and popup menu added