Direct Oracle Access - The Oracle Monitor


All you need to do in your application to enable monitoring is include the OracleMonitor unit. The Oracle Monitor displays a list of applications, the Oracle sessions within an application, and a hierarchical view of the database access components of a session. This allows you to view the activities chronologically for a session, or to zoom in on a specific component.

For each activity you can see a description, the timestamp, elapsed time, error message, SQL, variable values before and after execution, statistics, and the query plan.

All statistics available in the database can be displayed, including CPU time, network traffic (bytes sent, bytes received, roundtrips), logical and physical disk I/O, table fetches, table scans, open cursors, and so on.

The query execution plan is determined with the original SQL and optimizer goal. You can temporarily change the SQL and optimizer goal to see the effects this has on the query plan.

The statistics and query plan features are only available in the Pro version of the Oracle Monitor.