Direct Oracle Access - User Quotes

Embarcadero Technologies

(We have a customer list available if you want to get an impression of what organizations are using Direct Oracle Access).

I love DOA. It is clean, efficient code. I highly recommend it.

John Santmann MD
Wellsoft Corporation
Thanks once again for an excellent product - I constantly use DOA in my ORACLE projects in the safe knowledge that it will always deliver - and it does. Furthermore, even after all this time using it, I am STILL discovering features that I didn't imagine it possessed!

David Mustard
Information Services/Support Services
Time Warner Publishing
The Netherlands
... Oh, and I still think these components are worth their weight in gold.  Easy to use.  Incredibly robust.  Beautifully documented.

Emily Campbell
Senior Informatics Reseach Associate
Oregon Health and Science University
We used Direct Oracle Access in a CGI application that was using the BDE. The difference is amazing. No Production errors whatsoever. In addition, in case of errors during debugging, it was easy to see what the error was through the web browser, instead of the silly and generic BDEException errors that really did not tell us anything. Great work and thanks.
Maan Hamze
Texas Secretary of State
I've purchased a number of add-on components for Delphi over the last couple of years and can honestly say that DOA is the best. It combines simplicity and flexibility in a way other third-party components often lack. Thanks again for a great set of components.
Neil W. Garside
Oracle DBA/Developer
Bechtel, Australia
DOA is great. This is a first class product. I've saved a lot of time. The applications are working fast and stable (Delphi 5 / Oracle 8). Especially the run time of an import-job with many thousands of insert/update statements is 15x faster as the same with Borland-BDE. Other Client/Server applications (combined with InfoPower 2000 for Desktop) are better too. Excellent product, excellent technical support (praise for FORUM).

Congratulations and thanks for DOA.
Allan Karzel
VIT (Softwareentwicklung)
l_vit.gif (1735 bytes)
I feel I should point out once again our enormous satisfaction with, not only your products, which have their value recognized by software developers throughout the "Delphi developers world" and Borland itself, but also and particularly with your support, which is always fast, and as efficient as it could be.

I personally feel that it's perhaps more important to highlight the qualities that something has than to dissect its problems and errors when they appear, so I could not let this opportunity pass by without stating that you are beyond the doubt the most efficient and satisfactory supplier/partner we have the pleasure to work with, and to let you know what this means, in this group companies like Oracle, Lotus, IBM, Microsoft among others are included.
Pedro Viegas
Oracle Technology Manager
Digitalis Informática Lda, Portugal
One Year ago we were just about to throw our self-developed Delphi ERP-Application out of the window, because the performance was terrible (the BDE you know).

After getting a tip on the Delphi Super Page we tried the Trial Version of your Direct Oracle Access and we were absolutely excited and fascinated. So we purchased your incredible piece of software and started modifying the existing forms and continued developing with Delphi.

So what can we say now? 4 weeks ago our ERP-System went into Production for the whole company and it's working absolutely fine and your components have a major part on it.
Dirk Braunecker
DBA/ Software Engineering
mac messe- und ausstellungscenter Service GmbH
I must say, the more I use DOA, the more I wonder how I lived without it!! You folks sure have a wonderful product there. It has saved us so much time, effort, and money that it would have been a great bargain at twice the price. I use it in conjunction with Lars Aakerman's CGI Expert control to put Oracle data on the web for our clients. It has been a very successful project. I also use it for all my Oracle front-end work. I love it.
Dave Skowron
Kleinfelder, Inc.
DOA worked right the first time for me, unlike the BDE. It was faster and easier to program for. If you use Delphi with Oracle, I unconditionally recommend it. Thanks, Allround Automations!
Jared Jennings
Municipal Tax Liens, Inc.
... by the way, DOA saved us 40 hours (70%) on a massive output run where we were creating ANSI Z39.2 (ISO 2709) format records from the Oracle database.
Howard Flank
Flank Associates
Having used DOA for a few weeks now, I must congratulate you on producing a product that actually lives up to its promises. Having experienced a prolonged nightmare using the BDE with Oracle & ODBC, finding DOA was like finding the Holy Grail of database access components. Performance is outstanding & the Oracle specific support is truly magical. Before I found DOA I was about to abandon Delphi (extremely reluctantly) for Client/Server applications, so I thank you for restoring my optimism.
Rob Lester
Staffordshire County Council, England
This is a fantastic product. Our Oracle application dropped from 6 compressed installation disks with the BDE down to a single floppy with DOA, and the speed increase is visibly noticeable when the app. runs. Completely awesome!
Anthony Stuchel
Future Horizons, Inc.
Thanks for a great product, guys. I am redeveloping a major application from Oracle Forms/ReportWriter to Delphi3 and DOA is saving me an enormous amount of time and effort by removing the need to write a single line of code for record locking etc.
Dr. Harry Smith
Le Reve Cosmetics, Australia
Direct Oracle Access is great product for software developers who uses both Delphi 3 and Oracle. It provides flexibility and effectiveness of the Oracle Call Interface encapsulated in comfortable and suitable Delphi components. Very nice TOracleDataset component enables you to use visual components like grid to access oracle data in very simple manner without programming. There are no setup, configuring and performance overhead as in IDAPI or ODBC. Nice, fast and easy to use product.
Andrew Protasov
Since 7 years we tried most of the Client/Server development tools and used some of them, nothing comes close to using Delphi with DOA. You get the easiest prototyping with Delphi and Raw Oracle power with DOA. The combination of both tools is unique for Oracle users building applications on Windows NT. And your technical support is outstanding even for demanding users like us. Thank you!
SetNet Corporation.
Coral Gables, FL. USA
Using DOA with C++ Builder has made my life and the LAN administrators lives a lot easier. Without BDE DLLs, especially configuring and distribution, my programs are more robust, quicker, and easier to troubleshoot.
E. Woo
Wells Fargo Bank, USA
I must say your code is awesome. It has allowed us to create some real dynamite stuff with some extremely good results. Needless to say, we like it very much.
National Board of Medical Examiners, USA
Thanks for the super product! We continue to be impressed with design and performance of your components.
Howell & Johnson, USA
In addition to offering performance improvements, many issues that arise from using Delphi with Oracle have been addressed. Anyone using Oracle with Delphi 3 should consider DOA.
Advanced Media Systems, UK
Impressive and easy to use product. I especially like how the variants make the coding easier, and the "easy" support for LONG fields.
Ian Johnstone
LNS Software Systems Inc. (Calgary, Canada)
My congratulations for this excellent product. Not only does it deliver exactly what I need but it also comes with precise, short documentation where an answer on every question is found almost instantly. You seem to have the guts to concentrate precisely on the important things, which is in no way obvious.
Landshut, Germany