PL/SQL Developer - Compare User objects

On the Selection tab page you can select the objects you wish to compare. After making this selection, you can select the user and database that you want to compare. When the compare operation is finished, the dialog will switch to the Differences tab page, which will show a list of all objects that are different. This list is sorted in order of dependency.

Below the list of different objects of the target user, you see the SQL that needs to be executed to apply the changes. In the example above, the ENAME column was changed, and the EMP_MGR_FK foreign key constraint and EMP_MGR_CHECK check constraint were added to the EMP table.

You can display a visual line-by-line difference of the old and new source file of an object. This can be useful to view the changes made in Program Units, or can help you determine why a specific DDL statement was generated for other object types. You can configure which difference tool should be used. The ExamDiff utility is distributed with PL/SQL Developer, and will be used by default:


Now you can see what the exact difference between the 2 object versions is, and why the DDL was generated by the Compare User Objects tool.