PL/SQL Developer - The Connection List

  The Connection List allows you to quickly access connections from a dockable or floating tool. It gives you a quick overview of all connections and their associated windows. Connections will automatically be added to the list when logging on, but they can also be explicitly added as a user-defined connection. By right-clicking on a connection you can quickly open windows, create objects, and launch tools for a connection.

You can explicitly define connections and connection folders by pressing the "Define Connections" button. For each connection you can define the display name, username, password, database, sysdba/sysoper connection, or whether the connection is identified externally. You can also define the edition of a connection if you are using edition based redefinition and the workspace if you are using workspace management.

For each connection that you define you can define an initialization script that will be executed when a database session is created for the connection. You can additionally define a message that will be displayed when you first create a database session for the connection.