PL/SQL Developer - The File Browser

  You can keep the File Browser available at all times in PL/SQL Developer. It gives you access to a set of user-defined file locations. On each file location you can:
  • Open files in the PL/SQL Developer work area by double-clicking on them.
  • Create, delete, and rename subdirectories and files.
  • View file and directory properties.
  • Access the Version Control System for a file if the Version Control Plug-In is installed.

When the File Browser is first displayed, it will initially be empty. To populate the File Browser, you must first define one or more File Browser Locations. Each location you define is displayed in the root of the File Browser tree. For each location you can define the path (either on the local PC or on the network), the description, file masks for inclusion or exclusion, the color, and whether or not subdirectories should be included.