PL/SQL Developer - Projects


The project keeps track of a lot of project specific information. You can define how you want to connect when this project is opened, you can define the items that make up the project, you can keep notes for the project, view To-Do Items for all project items, and the desktop configuration is maintained. If you reopen a project, all items that were opened when the project was previously closed will be opened at the same position.

The project items can be source files of PL/SQL program units, Test Scripts, SQL Scripts, Reports, and so on. A project item can also be an object that is stored in the database, and that does not have a representation in a source file. For each item you can define if it should be included in the compilation process of the project. By docking the project items form you always have quick access to these items in the PL/SQL Developer work area.

You can use item groups to organize project items for larger projects. You can use these groups for limited build and make operations, to limit searches, to open/close all items, and in general to get a better overview.