PL/SQL Developer - User Quotes

(We have a customer list available if you want to get an impression of what organizations are using PL/SQL Developer)

I believe this is the first time I have used PL/SQL Developer support and it was awesome just like the product. I've never had a need. That is saying something since I've been using PL/SQL Developer for over 10 years.
Paul Lockaby, Vanderbilt University
I have reviewed the new version of PL/SQL Developer and I think it is fantastic. It is a well designed and reliable product which will increase productivity of our Archway development team. PL/SQL Developer provides tremendous value for everyone who works with the Oracle PL/SQL language. I will highly recommend upgrading to version 8.
Pravin A. S. MBA, PMP Sr. Programmer/Analyst, Archway
I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy using your software, and how much I appreciate how easy you make it to upgrade versions and get support. You guys and gals are great.
Katherine Moss, Life Technologies, Inc
I have been using this product since 2003. It is quite possibly the best interface for Oracle that I've ever seen. I can't imagine writing code without it. You folks are to be commended of a top-notch quality product!
Brian Yurochko, Duquesne University
I wanted to say that PL/SQL Developer is an excellent product. I have been using it extensively for over 8 years and it has been very helpful in my development / debugging etc. Keep up the good work!
Mateusz Klos, Derco Aerospace
I've been using PL/SQL Developer for 3-4 years now and it is the best tool on the market for working with Oracle from a developers point of view at least. I've looked at some of the new things that have come out and they are still very far behind in the number of features that are offered.
Kevin Lane, SUNY
You probably don't get enough emails like this so I wanted to drop you a note to say that PL/SQL Developer is fantastic! We've been using it for around 18 months now and have around 20-30 users using it daily. Almost every month we find a new feature that only reinforces our high regard of it; this months' was great BLOB displaying and editing.

Thanks for an excellent product.
Adrian Crossley, IT Director, HESA
By the way, I love PLS/SQL Developer. It is a well designed and reliable product that has increased my productivity and – here’s a novel concept - it is sold at a reasonable price. Everyone at my company is pleased with your product and we all have tried similar products from your competitors with mixed results. Thanks to your company for doing what a company should do: please the customer.
Tom Nitroy, Nitroy Computing Services, Inc.
Just wanted to drop some congratulations for the ability of PL/SQL Developer to recover from system crashes. I haven't been blue-screened for years, but have had two in the last week. In both cases, PL/SQL Developer recovered all the open windows, queries and files I was working on. Fantastic! I doubt the other competing tools do this.
Bill Coulam, New Global Telecom
PL/SQL Developer is the best tool available on the planet for dealing with Oracle.
I feel as though I should share some of the profits with you, the retail selling price for PL/SQL Developer has already been recovered many times over...
Jeffrey Martin, Philips
We searched hard for an inexpensive development GUI for oracle. PL/SQL developer fits the bill perfectly. We couldn't ask for more!
James Cooke, Intel
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PL/SQL Developer provides tremendous value for everyone who works with the Oracle PL/SQL language. Its rich feature set satisfies the needs of all Oracle database developers - from junior to the most senior. Among the many helpful features you'll find industry-leading support for reference cursor variables.
Igor Cherny,
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We have been using PL/SQL Developer for over 2 years now for our PL/SQL development. The features you receive with this tool are wonderful and very productive and the price compared to other like tools is worth every $$ spent.
R. Angove, Airborne Express
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I find PL/SQL Developer easy to use, very helpful and solid, as is the product support.
Brenda Graham, Carnegie Mellon University
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I can not tell you how much I enjoy your product, I have been using it for over a year now, (started when I was just learning this on my own) and would not think of coding in oracle without it. Great Job!!!!!
Kelly Burton
Chief, OTA Development
Randolph Air Force Base
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I'm a long-time PL/SQL Developer customer and user. Just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how fantastic I think this product is. It is without a doubt the best development tool, EVER. I love it.

I ran across the recovery option yesterday when my PC crashed... I didn't even know that feature existed, but it turned out to be a LIFE-SAVER.

Keep up the GREAT work!! PL/SQL Developer is tops on my list. Don't ever change!

Jeff Keen
Director, Information Systems
Jackson EMC
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Just a note to say that we are extremely pleased with PL/SQL Developer 5.1. It is a cost-effective feature-packed tool that knocks spots off xxxx and other competitors! Keep up the good work!
Ralph Little,
Database Department Head
Tribal Data Solutions
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Just a brief note to let you know my entire satisfaction about PL/SQL Developer.

Prior to PL/SQL Developer, it was Hell here. We used to work with stupid, complex and full of bugs Oracle tools (forms, reports, query builder etc...). Our best friend was Dr Watson for NT due to the numerous bugs. I was desperate and suddenly, one day, I discovered PL/SQL Developer: heaven opened its doors ! Easy, powerful, full of capabilities, very stable, all-in-one tool... well did I forget something ? :-)

Thanks very much for your great work and think that in the cold Canadian winter, there's one guy who is very happy now.

Hervé Seger
I have been using your product for over a year and a half now. It has always been a great product, but your new changes with the document generation plugin are phenomenal! I was responsible for our team (10 developer license) picking this product over XXXX. I did not know what a good choice I had made at the time. Ten times cheaper than XXXX and ten times better than XXXX.

Your team has done a wonderful job, please keep up the exceptional work.

Greg Clark
I'm happy to promote PL/SQL Developer. It's saved me countless hours. Also, it's very reasonably priced. This makes it much easier to get approved for purchase than one of the much higher priced tools. Personally, I can't think of much that the more expensive tools do for you that PL/SQL Developer can't do better.
I can not tell you how much I enjoy your product, I have been using it for over a year now, (started when I was just learning this on my own) and would not think of coding in oracle without it. Great Job!!!!!
What an excellent product PL/SQL Developer is. Cuts down my time by 90%!
This is the most powerful product I have tested. You folks have a great product here. I use Query Reporter all the time. That has to be the most powerful piece of freeware available in the world today. Thanks again.
I want you to know that I like your program much more than xxxx. For the stability, features, ease of use and price PL/SQL Developer is a better choice.
The response from our developers to your product has been tremendous. Originally we planned to make it available to senior developers only, as we like to make the juniors "sweat" here in Africa. The opinion is that the product boosts productivity to such an extent that we should make it available to all our developers
I just took a look at your PL/SQL Developer product. I got as far as the HTML Manuals help system and I was amazed!!! Being able to search the Oracle documents like that is just fantastic. Great Job!
Let me again tell you that yours is the best software product I have EVER used. Period. Not just the best tool for Oracle, the best ever.
First I must tell you that I'm in love with your product. I have been working with a lot of different tools for writing select statements, functions and procedures but I have never ever found anything like the PL/SQL developer. The absolute best thing about it is the debug feature. It is marvelous!!
I want to repeat the praise I sent you on this tool a couple of weeks back. It is the most amazing piece of software I have used. I have a family life again! It has totally changed my view -- now I look forward to using PL/SQL in my solutions, instead of dreading the lousy debug process that Oracle has. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Two days ago I've downloaded the trial version of PL/SQL Developer from your site. I was greatly impressed by it's capabilities, implemented in such a small, light - weight tool! I compared it with xxx's xxx and xxx from xxx software. Your product is much better!
First I would like to congratulate you on your great product. It is a real pleasure to work with. Did a demo of it yesterday for our other developers and I am pretty sure that you will be receiving additional orders from my company soon.
I downloaded PL/SQL Developer and ... WOW.
Your quick response and thorough and friendly answers has prompted me to purchase the current version (which I just have via the web).  Just wanted to let you know that this type of support is not common today and Iappreciate it. I also try to tend to send my business the way of companies that have good support.
Just wanted to let you know that PL SQL Developer is an incredible product! Well done.
I just took a look at your PL/SQL Developer product. I got as far as the HTML Manuals help system and I was amazed!!! Being able to search the Oracle documents like that is just fantasic. Great Job!
As I am using the PL SQL Developer, I begin to like it more and more - all developers in our project love your product.. I find this tool very useful - it has just the RIGHT functionality - it has excellent interface & has made life very easy for me.  Even for a DBA, this tool is just right.
This tool looks very exciting. I work a team of developers who may find this very useful. From what I've seen so far this product could really help us with our development productivity. Good Work.
Just a quick note to let you know how much I (and others!) like PL/SQL Developer. It's very useful and offers more functionality than the 'professional' tool we usually use.
PL/SQL developer is great. I especially like the syntax colours and the editable source preference is very handy.
I've been using your PL/SQL Developer for a few days with no problems, and have found it to be an extreemly useful tool.
You clearly understand the Oracle PL/SQL development process and have included some very useful functionality in what is a productive, developer friendly tool.
I have recently downloaded your PL/SQL Developer application, which I find very useful. Much easier than vi and show error!!
Great Product! I've been struggling for years with the tedious development process that you describe in your documentation.