PL/SQL Developer - To-Do Items


You can use To-Do Items in any source file to make a quick note that something needs to be done in this source file, and access this information later from the To-Do List. These To-Do Items are placed into the source file as a comment with a specific format, at an appropriate location.

In the example above you can see the comment in the source file (starting with the text TODO:) and the To-Do Item editor where you can enter the text, priority, category, owner, creation date, and close date. Because the To-Do Items are stored as comment in the source file, they will always correspond with the actual status of the source. Regardless whether the source comes from the database, from the file system, or is an old version from a version control system.

You can additionally access To-Do Items from the To-Do list:

The To-Do list can be invoked at the object level (for a single source) or at the project level (for a specific set of sources).