PL/SQL Developer - Version Control Plug-In


The Version Control Plug-In provides a tight integration between the PL/SQL Developer IDE and any Version Control System that supports the Microsoft SCC Interface Specification. This includes most popular Version Control Systems such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Merant PVCS and MKS Source Integrity. The Plug-In offers the following benefits:

  • Improve productivity - You can quickly perform any VCS operation on the currently opened file in the PL/SQL Developer IDE, like check out, check in, get, add, view differences, and so on. Operations on multiple files will immediately be reflected in PL/SQL Developer's IDE.
  • Minimize errors - Because you can work from one single IDE, the chance is minimized that you operate on the wrong file or that you forget a file

When the VCS Plug-In is installed, you will get a new VCS item in the main menu that contains all relevant VCS functions. In addition to this, the Program Window, SQL Window,Test Window and Command Window get several new VCS related items in theircontext menu. You can check in, check out, undo check out, get, add and remove the corresponding file, if appropriate.